Tired of the same magazine, wrapping paper, chocolates, pizza, etc, etc etc fundraiser?

Us too!  That is why we thought that we would offer a unique, customizable product that will not only help you reach your revenue goal, but help promote the image or branding of what your organization is trying to achieve.  Fundraising does not have to be hard.  Let me repeat that, Fundraising does not have to be hard! 


There is no need to worry about inventory or not meeting sales quotas. Our products are custom made-to-order so there are absolutely no up-front costs or risk to your organization. Every group that participates in our program is assigned a unique Code, which is printed on the back of every brochure in your fundraising kit. This Code is required for every purchase made through our website. This is how your group can set up an additional recurring revenue stream that lasts year-round! The brochures in our fundraising kits are order forms as well. Simply fill in the order form and mail it to us.


Once an order is purchased, the shipment period is 2–4 weeks. If you plan to distribute the product yourself, we will ship the bulk order directly to you for free. A small shipping fee will be charged if the consumer orders by website and requests a direct delivery.


To make the fundraising even easier for your organization, we can create a customized banner image that links from your group's website to ours.  By clicking on the banner, the customer will be directed to a webpage customized for your organization.  Any orders through that page gives credit for any purchase to your group!


So where is the hard part?  O.K. here it is, 1) You have to customize your suncatcher to reflect the colors of your organization along with your logo or crest. Once this is done, we send you banner images, links, order forms or all of the above to help you with the ordering process.  2) You have to sell it!


To learn more about fundraising with us, please use the form below or call us at 1-630-800-3903.

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